Geothermal Source Researches

Geothermal Source Researches

GEOTHERMAL fluids are used for many purposes. In recent years, it has started to be used especially for the purpose of providing electrical energy in areas such as greenhouse heating, tourism, central heating of cities, and health. Although it is considered as a renewable clean energy, it can cause environmental problems if not used correctly. The most important problem is that after the hot fluid is used, it is not returned to the source environment, that is, it is not reinjected. 

GEOTHERMAL (Hot fluid) searches are among the business areas of our company. Hot fluid exploration, which is one of the subjects of earth sciences, is considered as underground water exploration, but it is a very different field of application. In hot fluid searches, especially the tectonic structure (active fault lines) needs to be resolved. Because faults are one of the most important factors that carry hot water to the earth's surface.

Some of the faults carry cold surface waters underground. Some allow these waters, which are heated underground, to be transported to the earth. The most important issue to be resolved in geothermal exploration is to find out which faults are feeders and which carriers. The waters are carried deep by faults and form hot fluids with the effect of hot magma. Permeable rocks in which these hot fluids are trapped underground are called reservoir rocks. The second important research topic in geothermal exploration is to reveal the location and depth of this reservoir rock.

It is also important that hot fluids do not mix with the cold waters in that region during drilling. For this reason, in geothermal exploration, the location and depth of cold underground waters are also investigated, and the necessary precautions can be taken by isolating them during drilling. As can be understood from these explanations, hot water searches are a specialty. Although hot water can be obtained through random drillings without researching this information, problems such as gradual decrease in fluid temperature, loss of efficiency and environmental pollution will arise due to reasons such as not being able to extract these waters under suitable conditions, not performing the reinjection correctly, and not providing insulation.

The above-mentioned data can only be obtained through a good geological-geochemical-geophysical collaboration. If one of them is missing or misinterpreted, it means that the drillings, which cost a lot, cannot reach their purpose.

Sumet Geosciences, a Geothermal Energy Researcher Company, is at the service of you, valuable energy investors, with its high resolution geophysical methods applied within the company. Magnetotelluric MT and AMT methods are at the forefront of these methods.

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